Keratin & Hair Smoothing Treatments

Hair smoothing treatments are semi-permanent hair care services that reduce frizz, promote shine, strengthen hair and allow for easier styling. Cutting Crew specializes in these treatments and can help you find that smooth, sleek look you want.

Whether your hair is naturally frizzy and difficult to manage or has broken down due to heat and product damage, a keratin hair treatment is the best solution. Keratin is the structural protein found in hair and it can breakdown overtime or when exposed to high temperatures and chemicals. Hair smoothing treatments address keratin breakdown and restructure the bonds in your hair to form straighter, smoother strands. Cutting Crew is here for all your hair treatment needs - schedule your appointment today!

Cutting Crew is proud to be a local hair salon near you that exclusively features Paul Mitchell products.

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Keratin Treatments

Often called a "miracle" hair treatment, keratin tames even the toughest frizz and leaves you with hair that is smooth, soft and manageable. During the treatment, your Cutting Crew professional stylist will saturate your hair in keratin, an essential hair protein, for about 20 minutes. Your hair is then washed, blow-dried, and flat ironed to seal the keratin treatment in. You'll be left with a pin-straight, sleek and smooth style.

If you are searching for affordable keratin hair smoothing treatments near you, Cutting Crew is the professional hair salon that has you covered.

Cutting Crew is a family hair salon near you that is proud to offer hair smoothing treatments at an affordable price.

Smoothing Treatments

Smoothing treatments use a different formula that deeply penetrates your hair. While this treatment doesn't offer the pin-straight look of keratin, you can expect soft, frizz-free, and manageable hair. This treatment also lasts longer than a keratin treatment.

Cutting Crew is a local hair salon near you that offers affordable haircuts and styling for the whole family.

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Keratin Smoothing Treatment

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