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Double-Process Coloring Best Hair Colorists Near You

If you want dramatic color, double process coloring is for you. Our hair colorists can do a rainbow of colors, artistic balayage, dark to light coloring, and more.

Bright reds and vibrant blues are best left up to the professionals -- skip the mess (and unfortunate results) of store-bought hair dye. If you're searching for the "best hair colorist near me", you've come to the right salon. All Cutting Crew stylists are experienced in double process color and use exclusively Paul Mitchell professional products.

What is Double-Process Coloring?

When two color services are needed during one appointment to achieve the desired color, it is considered a double-process coloring. This may include lightening the hair and then applying a toner or applying a permanent tone followed by a glaze. The hair will be washed and dried between each coloring service.

Cutting Crew Hair Salon uses BARBICIDE as part of their commitment to keep their salons, stylists, and clients healthy and happy.

Cutting Crew Hair Salon uses the EPA approved BARBICIDE as part of their promise of a safe and sanitary experience with every visit.

The use of BARBICIDE® is a Cutting Crew Hair Salon standard. BARBICIDE® is EPA approved for efficacy against Human Coronavirus, including COVID-19. Part of our state and local licensing is our commitment to keeping our Salons clean and our clients and Stylists healthy.

Cutting Crew is proud to be a local hair salon near you that exclusively features Paul Mitchell products.

As a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, Cutting Crew Hair Salons feature Paul Mitchell products exclusively | Learn More

Cutting Crew is a local hair salon near you that offers affordable haircuts and styling for the whole family.

Color Services

Color Services

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Double Process

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Partial Highlight

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Corrective Color Service

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Full-Service Salons Providing Value Priced Double Process Coloring Near You!

Cutting Crew is the top family hair salon near you that offers affordable haircuts, styling, and coloring services for men, women, and children.

Cutting Crew is a full-service hair salon. Our team of stylists can create your signature look with haircuts, styling, coloring, perms and more. We are a Paul Mitchel Focus salon and use only these exclusive professional products for all our services. Whether you need a quick haircut or are looking for something more dramatic, Cutting Crew has you covered. We proudly serve men, women and children for all hair care and styling needs.