Cutting Crew is the top family hair salon near you that offers affordable haircuts, styling, and coloring services for men, women, and children.

Repair Treatments

Paul Mitchell conditioning treatments in Hackettstown

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Super-charge and hydrate your hair with Super-Charged Moisturizer. Delivers an intense dose of moisture to boost shine and improve elasticity. Makes hair look and feel healthier and more manageable. Processing with heat under the dryer adds to the deep conditioning benefits.

Clarifying Treatment

Clear chlorine, remove excess oils, dirt, and product buildup from your hair while strengthening strands. The perfect prep before a perm or color application.

Tea Tree Experience

Invigorate your scalp with tingle-inducing Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner. Wash away impurities and leave your hair fresh, clean, and full of vitality. Receive a scalp massage and a warm, steamed towel scented with Tea Tree's signature fragrance for your face during your treatment.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment

Enrich and Repair. An intensely conditioning hair mask that instantly improves texture with noticeable results. Repairs & protects hair utilizing Awapuhi Wild Ginger products - all color-safe and sulfate-free - that protect color and repair dry, damaged hair to replenish each strand with moisture. Your hair will be hydrated, healthy and have brilliant shine.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger KeraTriplex Luxe Treatment

Seriously detox your hair with this luxe 2-step treatment proven to reduce breakage by 80%. Get to the core of dry, damaged strands and transform lackluster hair with KeraTriplex keratin protein technology. KeraTriplex rebuilds and repairs using sustainably-harvested awapuhi extract from Hawaii, which infuses the hair with intense moisture and shine. Heat-activated KeraTriplex transforms weak, broken brittle strands into pillars of strength while protecting the hair from further damage and helping create a flawless finish.

Cutting Crew is the top family hair salon near you that offers affordable haircuts, styling, and coloring services for men, women, and children.
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Cutting Crew Hair Salon is a family hair salon that offers salon services for the whole family at an affordable price.
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Cutting Crew Hair Salon - Hackettstown

Cutting Crew is the top family hair salon near you that offers affordable haircuts, styling, and coloring services for men, women, and children.

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Product buildup weighs down hair and strips away natural shine. That’s why we recommend a hair clarifying service at least once a month. This treatment removes oils and products and exfoliates your scalp for a fresh-clean feeling and bouncy, healthy hair. Those that spend a lot of time in the pool also benefit from regular clarifying to remove hair damaging chlorine.

Deep Conditioning

This hair treatment is best for hair that is damaged, brittle and weak. Constant blow-drying and flat-ironing can damage your hair, as well as frequent coloring. Thankfully, the Cutting Crew hair stylist team in Hackettstown can restore your hair to health with our deep conditioning treatments.

What Our Customers Say

  • Terrific did a great job!
    Ernest G. Harvey Jr 08/24/22 — google
  • I liked the atmosphere and haircut but they did used to wash my hair and conditioner after haircut all included cause it is itchy afterwards only problem I had
    violet tores 06/29/22 — google
  • I cannot thank Marco enough! I had the worst Covid hair - poor color and a terrible cut- he fixed me ! I feel like I have my hair back- the color he provided was amazing - it is literally the best cut and color I ever had!!! Thank you Marco for making me feel better about myself! Marco is warm- funny and creative !!! This was such a great experience -from Charisa Wolf
    mary wolf 03/27/22 — google
  • Great place to get a haircut! All of the Ladies there are are very nice and very professional -- Highly recommend!
    Ken Beam 02/18/22 — google
  • Absolutely the best crew I ever did see. Great hair, best crew, phenomenal experience, MUST GO SEE FOR SURE SELF!!!
    Marco-Antonio Rodriguez 11/27/21 — google
  • Michaela was awesome! Listened to all my concerns & needs for my hair. She gave me the perfect haircut style & color!!!!
    nikki c 10/21/21 — google
  • I am a stylist at Cutting Crew and I work with some of the most talented ladies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Professionals to the highest degree! In response to a recent negative review, we have a high level of experience and do numerous clients in a day. Sometimes dealing with as many as 20 haircuts in a day and most everyone is a joy to have in the chair. Once in a while, we get a bad rap for not having enough patience with undisciplined children who refuse to sit still in the chair. As a stylist, it is not my responsibility to discipline your child who cannot behave. That is up to the parents to be able to take control of their child and not insist on us possibly getting injured while your child moves around in the chair while in the lap of the parent. You are putting us (and the child) in a dangerous situation by insisting we do a service that would be next to impossible. Please be considerate of the artist at work and realize that we always put our best foot forward and take pride in our work. We want you to leave happy! We love what we do and appreciate the clients who appreciate and respect us. We are grateful for our loyal clients, (and if your child needs a nap before getting a haircut please do so out of respect for us)
    Debra Abruzzi 08/31/21 — google
  • First time ever got highlightsin my hair. Melinda did a wonderful job. She made sure that I was very happy with my hair.She really knows what shes doing.When I walked out of the salon I absolutely loved my hair.Great job Melinda for making my hair BEAUTIFUL.
    Tammy Kinney 06/18/21 — google
  • Very friendly service and atmosphere. Been going here for a few years now and never had a single bad cut
    Rich Brienza 06/18/21 — google
  • Liz gave me a great hair cut. I was very happy with the service.
    Jeannie Luongo 01/15/21 — google
  • Deb knows how to cut the ultimate "Flat top" Gets the fade just right.
    Chris Varga 01/1/21 — google
  • Vince is an amazing hairstylist! Excellent talent! Amazing haircut. I have deceivingly thick hair, and most stylists don't realize how thick... Until they're lost. Vince knows his craft. He repaired a bad haircut from my former hairstylist and I've been going to him ever since. Great foils also.
    Fran Basile 09/7/20 — google
  • Melinda is awesome! Very happy with my cut and highlights!
    Cathy Bielski 09/6/20 — google
  • Clean. Great place. friendly talented staff. fair prices. What's not to love about the cutting crew hair salon?
    Daniel Hanson 08/29/20 — google
  • Melinda was awesome! Very kind. She does a great job! I'll definitely be back.
    Megan C 02/1/20 — google
  • Michele is an amazing woman and so talented ( look at those scissors fly) and I could not believe how actually great this place is! Found out about it from a Groupon sale promo online and it was so worth purchasing one in order to find just the right stylist and atmosphere. as well as a great cut to boot~ !! Honestly (and unbelievably) much better experience and cut than some of the higher price salons! AMAZING. Thanks again to a great place to go for a well=deserved haircut :)
    Adair Moore Sattely 01/24/20 — google
  • Great service. The stylist took the time to listen what I wanted and did a good job. Affordable prices.
    Euge V 11/27/19 — google
  • All the hair dressers here are fantastic and the place is always clean and you will always have good conversations with your stylist
    Landad 09/25/19 — google
  • Excellent!
    Carl Libert 09/2/19 — google
  • Just came home from getting my hair done by the manager Melinda love my hair. She is the greatest hairstylist. She’s a really special person too. Thanks Melinda
    Kathy Lindsley 06/14/19 — google
  • Great prices.great hair cuts
    William Patrie 12/5/18 — google
  • Under new management! Great prices for a full service salon
    Melinda Torres 06/30/18 — google
  • Karen is great. Takes the time to listen to what you want, gives good suggestions if you have only a vague idea of what you want, and does a great job quickly. Very friendly, never an awkward haircut. Used to go to barber shops only, went here because i was in a hurry and saw it was under new management so i figured I'd take a chance. Haven't gone to anyone else since.
    Matt G 01/12/18 — google
  • Rose took her time and gave me a nice cut and some fun color underneath. Unfortunately for the locals, after 5 years she will be moving on...
    Barb C 10/6/17 — google
  • I shave my head now but I used to go here and loved it Jen is the best
    B Sln 06/20/17 — google
  • This shop is great. Tried them for the first time and Melanie did my hair and she was so friendly and made it enjoyable. She did highlights with a pink color underneath and it came out nice. I would definitely go back again
    Amanda Carlucci 04/6/17 — google
  • Amazing staff. Professional and friendly! Very clean and upkept
    Juliza A 11/30/16 — google
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Conditioning & Clarifying Hair Treatments in Hackettstown

If you regularly color your hair or use a lot of styling products, conditioning and clarifying will keep your hair healthy. Heat exposure and other hair treatments damage the proteins found in your hair which can cause frizz, broken ends, and dull or limp looking hair. Cutting Crew offers various deep conditioning services that prevent damage and keep your hair healthy and strong. For the best hair treatments in Hackettstown, you can count on our talented team.

Our hair stylists are experts when it comes to hair health. Using exclusive Paul Mitchell products and professional techniques, our stylists will enrich your hair with vitamins and moisture to repair split ends, promote volume, shine and healthy hair.

Deep Conditioning Treatments in Hackettstown
Deep Conditioning Treatments in Hackettstown
Deep Conditioning Treatments in Hackettstown

Local Family Salon Providing Value Priced Conditioning and Clarifying Treatments in Hackettstown!

Cutting Crew is the top family hair salon near you that offers affordable haircuts, styling, and coloring services for men, women, and children.

We at Cutting Crew Hair Salon - Hackettstown are proud of our brand's rich history of providing high quality salon services at value pricing for the past 45 years! We value our amazing talent and are always excited to offer our full range of value priced, professional salon services, including coloring and highlighting. Open during convenient hours - including nights and weekends, our schedule is flexible enough for even the busiest families. So please, next time you find yourself searching online for "Conditioning and Clarifying Treatments near me" in Hackettstown, feel free to stop by and discover for yourself the Cutting Crew difference!

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