Cutting Crew Hair Salon in Hornell

I’m from out of state and decided to take my 2 boys here! Brandy and this other sweet girl cute my boys hair 7 & 1 and they did so good!!! Go see them if you’re wanting your hair done! Cute environment as well!
Angelina Weaver 06/5/24 — google
Shay was amazing at listening to my indecisiveness and created results that I love! Waiting 18 months with nothing done to my hair due to pregnancy and too busy as a mom of 2 babies, this was just what I needed.
Cynthia Kellogg 05/18/24 — google
Kate is my stylist, I enjoy coming here because they always give me the cuts I want.
Shane Guarriello 05/11/24 — google
Brandy always does an awesome job with my haircuts. Always friendly staff. I always get my haircuts done here.
Arthur Perry 05/11/24 — google
Everyone there is friendly. They also listen to you when you are talking. Always get a great haircut and beard trim
Doug 05/11/24 — google
All of then girls are great! Great people, they do amazing work! Very kind and knowledgeable!
Tyler Winans 05/10/24 — google
Always a friendly atmosphere! Brandie always does a wonderful job! Great salon better employees!!!!
danielle collins 05/8/24 — google
Logan was fantastic!! I love my hair did a beautiful job blending my highlights!
Dakota Brown 05/8/24 — google
I came here for the first time after I had a horrible experience with another place. My stylist was Logan and she made me feel so comfortable and she did an amazing job! Definitely will recommend her to everyone I know. Can’t wait to return
Jade LaClair 05/8/24 — google
I’ll recommend everyone I know to Ms Logan! She always listens to me and is such a sweet girl. If I don’t know what im talking about with my own hair(which is quite often) she knows which direction to point me in. There’s a cutting crew in my home town & I travel to hornell just to see Logan.
Kayla Sherwood 05/8/24 — google
Logan is absolutely amazing. She does great work and takes all my worries into consideration and gives me something absolutely beautiful!! I recommend to everyone to go to Logan!!!
Megan King 05/8/24 — google
Logan does so well and she is very knowledgeable when it comes to cutting my hair. she listens to my suggestions and then elevates the outcome!!! id recommend her to anyone i know.
Katy Dixon 05/8/24 — google
Logan fixed my bang emergency and did absolutely AMAZING! She’s a lifesaver and would 11/10 return to here again for anything done by her!
Makayla Orr 05/8/24 — google
I had my hair done by Olivia! I got the bonding treatment and a blow out. The best service and experience I have ever had from a salon! She has an impeccable personality with such a great humor! I highly recommend booking Olivia the next time you go to cutting crew.
Jaiden Brock 05/8/24 — google
In the years Ive been going to Cutting Crew I have always received great styling and service. All the girls are friendly and professional. Never disappointed and always well taken care of.
David Lathers 05/8/24 — google
Always a great experience
Kim Desanto 05/5/24 — google
I’ve been coming here for around 15 years, Kierstin does a fantastic job. Everyone there is very friendly and polite. Great atmosphere!
Beth Berglund 05/5/24 — google
Amazing hair dressers and great service here
Xander 05/4/24 — google
Haley does an amazing job. I definitely will be coming back to her. She did exactly what I was expecting and she’s just a great person overall!
liv hanks 04/23/24 — google
haley can fade like a mf and has the the most dope personality!
Travis Wells 04/13/24 — google
Great back up when I can't get in the zoo ..
CHET LOWE 02/5/24 — google
Went in thinking I was only going to trim, ended up leaving feeling like a million bucks. Brande is amazing!!!
MindyMaeMalicious 02/2/24 — google
Lots of nice people work here
Jeanette Balconi 12/22/23 — google
Kerstin did an awesome
S MCMAHON 11/24/23 — google
Haley does such a terrific job on my hair every time she cuts my hair. She has a lovely personality and actually listens to what I want!
Sherri 11/5/23 — google
Haley is unquestionably the best employee any salon could hope for. Her dedication to her craft, meticulous attention to detail, and her remarkable ability to make customers feel valued and satisfied set her on a pedestal of excellence. Her commitment to delivering top-notch service is unwavering, and it’s clear that she goes above and beyond to ensure her clients leave with not just great hair, but also a smile on their faces. I have had the privilege of experiencing Haley’s exceptional talent, and it’s evident that she is more than just a hairstylist – she’s a true artist. She turns every appointment into a remarkable journey of self-expression and confidence. I firmly believe that Haley deserves a substantial raise and all the recognition that comes with being the best in her field. Her dedication to her customers and her exceptional skills make her an asset that any salon should treasure. If you’re looking for a hairstylist who is not just good but the absolute best, Haley is the one you need!!
Jonah Cottone 11/3/23 — google
This location is unbelievably fantastic, I highly recommend seeing these ladies. Logan did a wonderful job on my haircut/ styling deep conditioning treatment and eyebrow waxing. I can't wait to come back. I was seen in a very timely manner with little to no waiting on Labor Day weekend. I am incredibly grateful for such a wonderful experience & I can't wait to return. In addition, Kate did a wonderful job on my husband's haircut and beard trim as well. We both enjoy her wonderful mannerism and personality and her passion for her job, she does a fantastic job. Regardless, they have amazing cosmetologists/ hairstylists working here. You won't have a bad experience! *thank you*
A Briggs 09/3/23 — google
Staff is great at cutting hair and very wonderful to talk to!
Erik Wake 08/28/23 — google
Clean, friendly staff, amazing haircut
Kierstin H 08/8/23 — google
Have been getting my hair done for over 10 years here, Kate is my stylist. She’s absolutely the best. Always nails what I want done. Salon is very clean, calm and friendly when I come in, they are great with all my children, even my special needs kiddo! Highly recommend!
Megan Coen 07/31/23 — google
Was very happy with my haircut! Very friendly people!
Charlotte Tackwtt 07/29/23 — google
this place is the best I get my hair done by Logan and Brandie, they have a great personality and always care about what you would like done to your hair. they conversate great and I have been coming here for 4 years. definitely recommend!
Shannon Easton 07/18/23 — google
Very professional and friendly, they have walk in available but highly recommend appointments.
Hugh Lockridge 06/23/23 — google
I have had so many great stylists going here. They listen to my requests and make the style look just like I envisioned. So grateful for their services.
A D 06/13/23 — google
Logan's great 👍💯
Tre Forte 06/9/23 — google
Fun, fresh, professional atmosphere. All of the ladies are great, but Haley is awesome, and we love her.
Dave Tyler II 05/27/23 — google
The girl was very nice to me . I really like going thier.
Bonnie Dubois 05/18/23 — google
Love the wife's new hair cut
Randy Pierce 04/21/23 — google
My grandson and myself get a nice haircut and then to dinner. Friendly, clean environment
Gerald Olin 03/21/23 — google
Logan is always very friendly, fast, and efficient, which is important with my busy schedule. Facility is always very clean, and we'll maintained
Derrick Thomas 12/14/22 — google
The only place my wife and I go to get our hair cut.
Daniel Meese 10/15/22 — google
Walked in and haircut 10min later, nice girl's
Dennis DeBeauvernet 10/7/22 — google
Becky is great and always listens!
Amanda Stromsness 09/18/22 — google
Always an amazing time! Only went in for a trim, and had a lovely time as usual.
Laurah “Lulu” Burns 09/11/22 — google
The girl who cut my hair and my little mans just an awesome job!❤
Darlene Scully 07/17/22 — google
A wonderful experience with Haley. She's so sweet, and did an amazing job. Walked out feeling like a million bucks. 🥳✨ Thank you so much!
Paige Sullivan 07/1/22 — google
I’m officially going to be a regular of Logan’s!
Erin 06/30/22 — google
Me and my daughter went here our frist time and had Brandi as our stylist and must say she did amazing job on our hair and thinking I might of found my new favorite hairstylist ...I don't think I want to go anywhere else now so thank you Brandi for working ur magic on us girls...
Aerial Henry 04/5/22 — google
Brandie was very polite and does a good job
Chad Wilson 01/26/22 — google
I like how fast they are.
Jason Halsey 11/18/21 — google
First time up there. Very happy with their service. Had Brandie as my stylist and was happy with her. Will go again.
Pamela Teator 11/5/21 — google
I just wanted to say and leave a review that I just left the cutting Crew I had a young hair stylist working on my hair she did an updo her and her coworker were so friendly and so nice those girls are just adorable they did a great job and I will definitely be coming back I wish I knew the name of the stylist so I could give her more credit and her friend but they are very young and they were dressed as kittens today LOL great job girls I can't wait to come back.
Samantha Youngjohn 10/30/21 — google
Troubled times, got me fixed up quick while being short staffed, super great job!!
Laurie Towner 08/26/21 — google
My children loves going there
Betty Follett 08/14/21 — google
I went there for the first time since moving back to Hornell and just let me say, Carrie is AWESOME !
Jutanna Greenthal 08/5/21 — google
Amazing love the way they do my hair
Jacob-corey Bornschein-relyea 05/8/21 — google
Stylists were available and I had no trouble getting a same-day appointment. Good personal protection and sanitation. The usual chit chat was pleasant and non invasive. The cut was exactly what I was looking for and I got complements from my wife... everything you'd want in a haircut.
El Taychert 04/17/21 — google
Excellent service truly amazing stylists. You wanna get lined up real good, ask for Becky
Stephen Stromsness 03/13/21 — google
New hair always makes the covid blues go away. Thank you ladies for the nice afternoon
Julie Ludwig 02/10/21 — google
No prob getting in...the gals did an excellent job
David Brackett 12/14/20 — google
I took my 3 year old son here for his 1st hair cut. Misty was amazing with him, she talked to him like a human and helped calm his fear and kept him happy the entire time. She did such a great job with his hair and getting it cut how I wanted it! We will definitely be back to see her!
Brie Payne 08/22/20 — google
Kierstin did such a great job with my haircut and she also did a great job at keeping everything nice and sanitized! I will definitely be back to get my scheduled haircut!
Zeke A 07/28/20 — google
Shelby always does an amazing job taking care of me love her to pieces
Ann Burdett 03/7/20 — google
Pricing for haircuts was great
Brent Benjamin 03/1/20 — google
This salon is able to deal with any situation gone wrong with your hair with high quality results
Jaydyn Oney 12/14/19 — google
Awesome staff and talent
Teresa McMahon 10/28/19 — google
Megan is excellent.
Grace Miraclez 10/14/19 — google
Great place!
Ron Tibbetts 09/3/19 — google
Love this place! Its the only place I go to get my hair done!
CakeShake22 08/9/19 — google
I went a few weeks ago because I really needed a haircut and a deep conditioning treatment because my hair was super dried, dead and frizzy. Rebekah cut my hair and did a FANTASTIC job. I went back today because I decided I needed top just chop off some more hair and she once again did AMAZING! I never been to Cutting Crew except once before last fall, but now that is definitely where I'm going to get my hair cut and taken care of. Rebekah is so great!
Vikki Lee 04/5/19 — google
I’ve gone to the cutting crew a few times and everytime I’ve gone it’s been an amazing experience. All of the girls do a fantastic job. But tonight Misty left me feeling so different. She took such great care of my hair, she cut it so beautifully, and left it feeling so light, soft and perfect. I can’t believe how fast she did it too. I came home and couldn’t stop smiling at how well of a job she did. I will definitely be going to her every time I go! Keep up the great work Misty!
Luke Morgan 03/29/19 — google
This place is great ,people are so nice
Edie Rawleigh 03/15/19 — google
Paul Griffith 03/4/19 — google
Friendly staff and the waiting area is the comfiest I ever been in.
Kris White 03/1/19 — google
Very friendly and clean. Satisfied with the cut.
Mya Howe 02/23/19 — google
I had a great experience here with Shelby. She did highlights and covered my greys perfectly. The others that were their were friendly as well.
Jessica Vogt 02/14/19 — google
Love seeing Megan...she is awesome. She does an excellent job and I always love my hair
Jody Birdsall 12/17/18 — google
Kind and friendly staff! I received a good haircut!
Richard Moll 12/3/18 — google
I love Shelby Whitmore. She’s done my hair for a year and is great at coloring!!
Danielle Hamilton 11/19/18 — google
Girls that cut my hair are very nice
Bruce Garwood 10/4/18 — google
Never had a problem
Kristen Lain 09/27/18 — google
Best stylist
Tami Mascho 09/7/18 — google
Good place for haircut. Just be clear on what you want and explain clearly.
Shreekant Thaker 07/25/18 — google
Megan Nolton is back. 😍
Myra Ludden 07/20/18 — google
The only place I get my hair cut!
Monica & Chris Stevens 07/19/18 — google
They did an awesome job cutting my hair , gave my husband a sampoo an conditioner for his dry scalp and it works wonders!!!
O Allison 07/7/18 — google
The workers are very friendly and make getting a haircut more than just a chore. The price for men is cheap and the quality isn't bad at all. They get you in fast if you forget to call ahead. However, I always recommend calling ahead.
Anthony Sylvester 05/28/18 — google
Great job on my color and cut ect while I processed..friendly staff did not feel like I was rushed through..Haley is the best
Sandi Brutsman 01/9/18 — google
Great place my hair dresser Rebaka is great
Angel Guman 12/18/17 — google
I had highlights and a trim by Misty. She did a pretty good job. It depends on who cuts children hair. So far every time my son gets his haircut it's not that great, but I have seen other boys leave with nice cuts.
Erin Betts 07/14/17 — google
I had to have all my long hair cut off due to a bad perm by Hairzoo in Penfield in February 2017. The salon is super clean and bright. The waiting area is comfortable enough to take a nap! My first experience was really good. I got in quickly with Rebecca. After showing her photos of roughly what I wanted, she worked with me to come up with a super short hair cut that eliminated most the damage and looked good with my face. I went back today to get a trim and requested Rebecca. She did just as good a job as the first time. I definitely recommend them.
Josie Ella 04/3/17 — google
Stopped in on a was clean, staff was pleasant. Got a great haircut and price was reasonable. Recommend
Jonathan Shaw 02/16/16 — google
Great price, excellent customer service and talented staff.
Adam T palermo 07/12/14 — google