Cutting Crew Hair Salon in New Milford

It is a good place and nice people
helal eltoukhy 08/5/22 — google
Best haircut I have got in a while. I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you again Galicia S.
Scott Orris 07/13/22 — google
Left the Salon feeling Awesome! Great cut and blow dry and style.
jess r. 05/21/22 — google
My hair is fine me and ng. It was in knots when I stopped to the Cutting Crew. I'll never go anywhere else as long as I'm stateside
Rick Maher 03/7/22 — google
Mecca is a hair goddess! She is wonderful and very experienced. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and not only did she do that, but she did even better!!! Thank you for bringing my hair back to life!!!! 100 % recommend her!!! 💗😊
Alexis Burch 02/7/22 — google
I saw people going there to get their hair done, looking like they are doing a good job in there. I saw older persons going, elderly persons, also young persons, seems like they cater for all age hair types. There is good parking space out side. The last time I stand up and really looked inside I saw persons sat professionally in their chairs getting their hair done.
Jennifer Harris 12/22/21 — google
great price for a good haircut
J L 11/16/21 — google
All around top notch experience!
J Cam 10/22/21 — google
They are very professional, but most importantly, they do a good job at helping you feel good about your hair.
Trudi Dainiak 09/13/21 — google
Always a great experience!!!!!
Timothy Walker 09/12/21 — google
They're busy. For a reason. Trust me. Theyre great.
mike grad 07/30/21 — google
The people who work there are nice and friendly. My husband always go there and he never complain. They also did an outstanding job when I took my 2 years old for her first hair cut. It is conveniently located and their prices are fair and not inflated like many other do claiming is because of covid. Make sure you book your appointment online.
Abigail Delgado 06/20/21 — google
Good service!
millie north 05/29/21 — google
Wonderful experience
Lindsay Bogues 05/14/21 — google
Great haircut every time! Thanks Andrea!
Paul Tano 05/9/21 — google
Awesome as always!
Chris Lundgren 04/28/21 — google
Perfect hair cut
Evert Jonker 04/13/21 — google
Very welcoming.
museti 1234 03/26/21 — google
Andrea discovered the best way to cut my hair, and now I drive 50 minutes for that consistency. Worth every penny and mile.
Deni Nakonecni 01/25/21 — google
WAYNE E EPSTEIN 01/3/21 — google
Cutting crew hair salon. Is not bad. I saw them using their CDC information, six feet apart, social distancing. Parking space available, I saw elderly, young people, and middle age people. People going there I saw them wait outside. From outside the place looks clean.
Jennifer Harris 11/28/20 — google
I really looked and I saw them busy inside cutting and fixing up hair, saw even some older women coming out from there, tells me that they are doing a good job. The hair looks nice. I saw chairs wiping off too. The place inside looks like they are keeping it clean. Outside you have parkings. I also saw no visit only appointment so that tell me they are also helping to protect us and themselves.
Jennifer Harris 10/22/20 — google
This is a great shop, and Andrea was especially good.
fortheearth 10/15/20 — google
I have always loved this place! Wonderful service and products. Highly reccomemend.
Wanessa Anderson 10/5/20 — google
This person did awesome job on my hair and love it.
kim wenzloff 09/23/20 — google
I go here because Andrea's here!
len kriegsman 08/30/20 — google
Great haircut and blow dry, great for long hair! I’m happy!
April Hood 08/28/20 — google
Always a good haircut
david light 08/3/20 — google
Great haircut shampoo included. Cynthia was fantastic
Laura M Picard 07/3/20 — google
I received the best cut and color of my life at Cutting Crew today with Alexis! I'll definitely be going back and highly recommend them!
Heather Soss 06/6/20 — google
Great haircut
Joseph Klingner aka BigDaddy 03/8/20 — google
Loved my cut..short & sassy like me 💋
Charlene Coons 01/31/20 — google
Andrea is an amazing stylist, colorist and appreciate her time and consultation. Thank you Andrea!!!
Lynne Sausto 12/29/19 — google
Awesome staff to bring my 4yo son to
Greg DaCosta 11/28/19 — google
Love my stylist.. She knew exactly what I wanted.. She Listened!!
Rosie C 11/10/19 — google
Fast, friendly service; reasonable price and good hair cut (for men).
Leila Zar 11/7/19 — google
Good lil trim
meghan garfield 11/4/19 — google
I've been going to Andrea for a few years now, and she is great!! She is honest, they are all good!
Pash Higgins 10/30/19 — google
Great experience as always!
Timothy Walker 10/19/19 — google
Always wonderful customer service by skilled Stylists💎💙
Josephine “Josie” Barrett 10/8/19 — google
Always love going here; not a long wait most of the time and the girls do such a great job.
Karlee Lawless 09/15/19 — google
Great service and staff.
Nope Yea right 08/31/19 — google
Go see Galicia, she will take her time and make sure she does a perfect job. I couldn't be happier with my haircut.
Robert Rotondo 08/16/19 — google
I've always been able to get a good haircut here. The staff is very good at what they do, and they do it in a timely fashion. If I need a haircut quick, and I can't wait for my normal barber, I always come here.
R Technologies 06/27/19 — google
Great place to get your hair cut
Bruce Wilkins 03/25/19 — google
I love the Cutting Crew The price is very reasonable and I'm always pleased with my haircut
Jessica Meadows 03/24/19 — google
My boyfirend did a walk in appointment and was seen within the hour which was very convenient on a weekeday. The girl was quick and did a very good job with the limited instructions he gave her. She payed attention to the shape of his head and face and made him look handsome again😁 I get nervous about places like this beocuse you hear storys about not going to a real "salon". Boy was i wrong. We will be coming back again for all our "handsomeness" needs❤
Kira 02/19/19 — google
Just had my hair cut and colored there today, it came out wonderfully.
Kenzi “Meleerage” Lalli 02/13/19 — google
If you have curly hair - Wait for Cynthia
Valorie Kolitz 01/3/19 — google
As long as you get the person you like, cuts are consistent and good. Wish they would take appointments though.
Jeff Mandel 10/22/18 — google
Good to get a fast highlight job.
Kimberly Sloat 07/26/18 — google
Wonderful beauticians
Matthew Kicklighter 07/26/18 — google
Cynthia is our favorite.
Rosemary Shay 07/25/18 — google
I have been going there regularly for 4 years and with the exception of the very first time, all with very satisfied results! And the girl who did my hair the first time is no longer there. I have 3 especially awesome stylists that I trust and highly recommended, Beth, Jessica and Cynthia, and all with 5 stars!!! My husband also goes there for his hair and beard!
Heidi Sabia 05/29/18 — google
Always a repeat customer!
Ken Pomerantz 07/23/17 — google
Mari Rivera 02/18/17 — google
The experience can be different for each person. It all depends on the barber that you get. With that said, my last experience here was absolutely wonderful. I especially like the wash at the end.
Kemar Small 12/17/16 — google
Great hours and friendly stylists. My hair always looks great thanks to them.
Fanglor Z 11/1/16 — google
I really enjoyed Angela she washed and cut my hair and also did my eyebrows. She was so nice and funny.
Nichole Richards 05/20/16 — google
, great haircut by Angela also by the way she's gorgeous best of both worlds have a great day
David Sciarra 07/17/15 — google
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